Business and Commercial

Business & Commercial

Commercial & Corporate

Avery Commercial Lawyers regularly assist clients in a wide range of commercial transactions including the preparation and review of:

  • asset and share sale agreements
  • shareholder and unitholder agreements
  • management agreements
  • partnership and joint venture agreements
  • loan and security documents
  • franchise agreements
  • liquor licensing
  • licensing, distribution and supply agreements

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Business Sales and Acquisitions

Our firm regularly acts on behalf of clients who are either buying or selling a business.  We also regularly accept referral work from many of Melbourne’s leading commercial agents and business brokers.

The decision to buy or sell a business is a major financial and legal decision. The result of incorrect advice can be costly in terms of money, stress and lost opportunities.

At Avery Commercial Lawyers, we will advise you in relation to all relevant legal aspects of the transaction while still focussing on the commercial issues. As required,
we can:

  • advise you regarding the preparation and/or review of heads of agreements, contracts for sale, leases, franchise agreements, service agreements etc
  • the preparation of loan and security documents (particularly with respect to vendor finance arrangements)
  • advise you on how to structure a transaction to minimize your liability and to maximize your legal and commercial position
  • assist you with due diligence enquiries to ensure that you are fully informed of all relevant legal risks before you enter a transaction
  • prepare and arrange for the transfer of all consents, licences and agreements including the business name, franchise agreement, lease, liquor licence etc
  • advise you on the assignment of any lease or occupancy licence and assist you in obtaining necessary consents and approvals from the landlord and any mortgagee
  • undertake all necessary attendances in relation to settling the matter

At Avery Commercial Lawyers, we work closely with you and your professional advisors to assist and guide you through this process. Our role is always to add value to ensure that the best commercial and legal outcomes are achieved.

Our firm regularly advises clients in relation to a range of businesses including 

  • manufacturers
  • wholesalers
  • food distributors
  • hospitality and tourism businesses (including cafes, restaurants, hotels and motels)
  • professional service firms (including real estate agencies, telecommunication businesses, bookkeepers).

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